Ney Pimentel


You may recognize these names as fashion, entertainment, and lifestyle brands. Ney Pimentel, Brand Identity Designer...

Ney Pimentel

From the enLiGHTenment of DESIGN comes the wisdom of PERCEPTION. - .'. Ney Pimentel

“Ney is a world class graphic designer, He always delivers what’s needed on time. He’s carefull, cheerful, very creative and respectful and always willing to go the extra mile. He made my job much easier at UBO.”
Warren Schatz, Executive Vice President Operations at Penalty Entertainment LLC
“Ney, had the ability to take my Vision and put it in Art form that OWNED the Culture and value that we so cherish in our Communities. Not only that, but Ney made sure that he did not move forward without my input as well as my feel for the work… I believe that this great man has the ability to be that change agent of Graphic Design.”
Cassandra Denise Edwards, Advocating For Change, Inc.
“Ney is really in touch with what is going on in todays changing world. Our company is music based and Ney really helped capture the feel we were looking for. He’s smart but most of all he has the eye to make your design unique and noticeable.”
Ron Colinear aka Bobby Pinn, Founder/CEO at Rock Junket
“Working with Ney, you get more than just a logo – you get an experience. I didn’t know what I wanted my logo to look like and so many other designers kept getting it wrong. Ney didn’t focus on what fonts I thought I liked; he focused on what my business was about. He has a gift of seeing the bigger picture and creating more than a logo. He creates a brand, an identity that sets the tone for the life of your business. I can’t thank him enough!”
Suzanne Paulinski, IXiiV Artist Consulting